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Experience Counts

Over 35 years Maietta Construction, Inc. has cleared sites, installed roads and drainage at some of southern Maine's biggest construction sites completing recent project like the Target Mall in South Portland and the new Falmouth Village. Maietta Construction recently completed work on the main runway at the Portland, Maine International Jetport. 

Maietta also prepared the brand new Bowdoin Medical Group facility on B Street and Standard Insurance Building off John Roberts Road, both in South Portland. (Below

Below are some other projects completed with job details and photos:

  • Construction at the Portland International Jetport [Job Facts]
  • Residential Development, including sewerage & drainage work, in South Portland [Job Facts]
  • Beech Ridge Motor Speedway Race Track Project [Job Facts]

With plenty of experience Maietta Construction heads towards its fourth decade in business growing with Southern Maine. 

For more information regarding previous projects, quotes, or general information please contact Maietta's General Office.

More Photos Below:

Staples in Falmouth Village

Bowdoin Office Park in South Portland's Knightville Neighborhood

Standard Insurance on John Roberts Road in South Portland

Western Avenue Fire Station, South Portland




Recognize the photo?
Probably not - it looks much different today. This is an aerial shot of what later became the Target Mall complex in South Portland, Maine. 
(Photo: Oct. 2000 New England Construction Magazine)  

The Finished Product:

Old Navy

As you can see, we work for some pretty big names. These are only a few of the retailers that went into the Target Mall site in South Portland, Maine.

Maietta Construction, Inc. did all of the clearing, excavation, drainage, sewage line and road work for the Target Project.
Bed, Bath and Beyond


















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